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    Vertical shaft impact crusher

      ☆ Feeding Size:<220mm


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    Vertical shaft impact crusher,which also called heavy Vertical Shaft Sand Making Machine, is a new product optimized by Shuguang Heavy Machinery with modern fine crushing technology. It has good performance and can be used to crush various hard and medium ores. It can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, refractory, cement, coal, glass, ceramics, electric power and other industries. As a new sand making equipment,it has the characteristics of relatively large feed ratio, large crushing ratio, adjustable discharging granularity, not affected by the wear of plate hammer and lining plate, no screen settings, high crushing moisture content and high mud content.
    Working principle
    The massive ore falls into the upper throwing tray of the upper crushing chamber from the feeding hopper. With the centrifugal force of the throwing tray, the material is thrown into the inner wall of the cylinder, and collides violently with the counter-impact plate installed on the inner wall. At the same time, the material collides with each other to break or produce a large number of filament cracks. After three or four levels of crushing from top to bottom, it reaches the level of coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand. Then discharged from the bottom, the mixture material is sent to the screening equipment through the conveying equipment, and finally the effect of sand making is achieved.

    Product Advantage
    1. The crushing ratio of heavy vertical shaft sand making machine is large, there is no screen set, and when crushing material with high moisture content and mud content, it will not block up..
    2. Bearings are horizontally arranged with long service life and can crusher materials with high temperature (such as cement clinker).
    3. The structure of the rotor body of the machine is unique. When material is broken, the rotor body hardly wears. And the replacement of vulnerable parts is convenient and fast.
    4. The wearable parts are made of high hardness, high toughness and multi-element alloy wear-resistant materials, and the service life is increased by 2-3 times.
    5. The speed of the machine can be adjusted, and the operation speed can be controlled according to the size and hardness of different materials, so as to achieve the desired discharging granularity level.
    6. Compared with other sand making equipment, the cost is lower.

    Detailed Data

    Type Feeding size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Production capacity(t/h) Spindle speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Outward Size(mm)
    800 <100 <3-5 60-90% 10-20 934 37 2100×1200×1700
    1000 <120 <3-5 60-90% 20-40 769 75 2600×1400×1900
    1250 <150 <3-5 60-90% 40-70 530 110 2800×1600×2100
    1500 <180 <3-5 60-90% 70-100 495 160 3100×1900×2200
    1750 <200 <3-5 60-90% 130-160 424 200 3710×2360×2390
    2000 <220 <3-5 60-90% 180-250 370 250 4100×2660×2620

    vertical shaft impact crusher

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