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    Solutions to shovel cutter wear of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-08 17:04

    The shovel cutter of vertical roller mill plays an important role in the work of vertical roller mill, but in the process of grinding, it is easy to cause wear and tear. So what if the shovel cutter wears out?
    Vertical roller mill is a commonly used grinding equipment, which is widely used in the processing of 280 kinds of materials in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. It is suitable for grinding non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness less than 9.3 and humidity less than 6%. If quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone and other materials, the fineness of the material can be adjusted between 0.613 mm and 0.033 mm.
    The working principle of vertical roller mill is that the mill roll is rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, and the material is shoveled by a spade and sent to the middle of the mill roll and the grinding ring. The material is crushed into powder under the action of rolling pressure, and then the powder is blown up by the blower and passed through the analyzer to meet the fineness requirement of the material through the analyzer. Continue grinding to the required re-grinding chamber. The whole structure of vertical roller mill is composed of main engine, analyzer (separator), pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electronically controlled motor, etc. It can be seen that the shovel cutter is one of the important parts of vertical roller mill. Whether the shovel cutter can work normally directly affects the output of the equipment. However, the shovel cutter is also a vulnerable part. If the wear is serious, the shovel blade needs to be replaced.
    When replacing the shovel cutter, try to buy the original parts. The replacement personnel should be trained in professional maintenance, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the replacement parts. Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery is a professional mill manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. If you need it, welcome to visit our factory.

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