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    Main parts of Raymond vertical roller mill equipment

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-20 16:38

    Raymond vertical roller mill can be used for the grinding of coal, petcoke, clay, limestone, quicklime and many other materials no matter how different their grindability and abrasiveness may be or whatever fineness or drying degree is required. In the milling operation, the Raymond vertical roller mill equipment can perform such a good performance and is closely connected with the various parts constituting the equipment. Here, we will briefly understand the main parts of the Raymond vertical roller mill equipment.
    1. Grinding roller grinding ring. Under normal circumstances, the grinding roller grinding ring is made of high-manganese steel wear-resistant material, which is the main grinding part of the kaolinite Raymond grinding equipment, and is also a component that is easy to wear. In the grinding process, the grinding roller grinding ring is the key component for grinding and milling the material. The wear resistance and the performance of the material are directly related to the grinding quality of the material.
    2. Bevel gear transmission. The gear transmission is a component that connects the speed reducer to the main engine and decelerates the speed of the Raymond vertical roller mill. In general, the gear transmission has strict requirements on lubrication, which requires us to do the lubrication of the gear transmission in the daily production process.
    3. The blade is the main carrier of the material in the material grinding operation. Its main function is to transport the stone to the grinding roller ring just right. Therefore, the wear resistance of the blade material is also an important factor in measuring the quality of the component. The new kaolinite Raymond sharpening blade has a separate design style, so that in the case of damage, the damaged parts can be directly replaced, and the curved type design has a larger bearing capacity, which can greatly increase the output.
    4.Fan, analysis machine. In the kaolinite Raymond grinding operation, the fan and the analyzer are one of the key components to ensure the efficiency and quality of the milling. As the milling time increases, the blades of the fan and the analyzer will have different degrees of wear, which will affect the air volume transmission and powder screening of the whole machine to a large extent. Therefore, it is very important to do regular maintenance and repair work on fans and analyzers.

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