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    How to Maintain the Grinding Roller of Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-26 17:27

    A vertical roller mill is a huge machine that is designed to grinding cement.As the main parts of vertical roller mill,the grinding roller is worn easily.Regular and thorough maintenance of grinding rollers can prolong its service life and make the mill run effectively. 
    Please pay special attention to the following points:
    1. Make sure the vertical roller mill runs smoothly (such as checking the height of the stopper ring, etc.).
    2. The retaining ring should be kept at an appropriate height and uniformly distributed throughout the circumference.
    3. Give proper pressure to the grinding roll through the hydraulic system.
    4. Check the validity of the air seal according to the operation instructions of the air seal pipeline.
    5. When the whole grinding roll is removed, the grinding roll must be turned out from the vertical roller mill with the rocker arm. The expansion sleeve should be loosened at this time.
    6. When assembling, pay attention to the correctness of the opening position of the conical expansion sleeve connected with the upper rocker arm. The opening of the conical expansion sleeve is blocked by rope material, so that the sealed gas can not get out and the dust can not get in.
    7. When inspecting tapered roller bearings, the cover plate on the cover can be opened. When the cover plate is reinstalled, a new O-ring should be replaced.
    8. If the tapered roller bearing can only be inspected by removing the cover, the roll must be rolled vertically with the roll-turning device. When the cover is reinstalled, a new O-ring should be replaced.
    The roll sleeve of Shuguang Heavy Machinery vertical roller mill is cast with wear-resistant alloy steel. It is fixed on the hub by the bolt of T-shaped head, butterfly spring and nut through the pressing ring.It has excellent wear resistance and is easy to maintain.

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