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    How to install vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-24 16:33

    Vertical roller mill is a popular grinding equipment in the cement industry. How to install it after purchasing vertical roller mill equipment?
    When we received the vertical roller mill, it was still a pile of parts, and we needed to assemble it slowly step by step. In the first step, we need to determine where to install the vertical roller mill. Once you have determined it, you need to clean up the determined areas to ensure that there are no external factors such as pebbles that will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Next, fix the base bracket and gasket, then clean the same surface to reduce the impurities on the surface of the base, and then install the reducer on the base of the main unit.
    The motor base is mounted in the same way as the gear unit. In order to prevent these vertical roller mill base components from being weak, it is of course necessary to weld them. And it is necessary to fully consider the problem that the component may be distorted after welding, so it is necessary to prepare the distortion of the component before welding, so that the distortion after welding does not affect the susceptor.
    After the above steps are completed in sequence, the grouting operation of the vertical roller mill is required. However, a series of preparations should be done before grouting. If the loose concrete parts and the wet concrete surface are removed, the influence of the weather on the grout should also be taken into consideration, so sufficient preparation must be made to grout.
    After that, you need to install a reducer for the vertical roller mill. Before installing the reducer, the bottom plate impurities must be inspected and cleaned, and then the epoxy resin is poured under the bottom plate to ensure that the reducer operates normally. After cleaning the grinding disc, it can be placed on the reducer through the positioning hole on the grinding disc. However, it must be ensured that the grinding disc is horizontal to the reducer, and there is no inclination. After the rear screw is tightened, the grinding disc is installed.
     Before installing the rocker arm device, it is necessary to lubricate the oil and correct the direction of the rocker arm rotation. The same roller needs to be oiled. Then place the rocker arm device and the grinding roller on the grinding disc and support it with the loading and unloading tool.
     What needs to be installed is the vertical mill flour separator. Firstly, the body is installed, then the angle steel and bolts are welded according to the pre-painted marks, then the welding and cutting joints are ground flat, then the rotor machine and the driving equipment of the flour separator are installed, and the flour separator is installed.
    Then install the power unit of the vertical roller mill - the main motor. After the installation of the water pipe for the installation of the cooling water pipe, a vertical roller mill is installed.
    The above is the complete installation steps of the vertical roller mill, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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