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    Environmental friendly vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-05 17:21

    Vertical roller mill, which we often say is the vertical structure of the grinding equipment, and Raymond roller mill have the same, but also different. Compared with Raymond mill, vertical roller mill has bigger weight, stronger environmental protection and higher grinding number. It is more used in grinding operations with large enterprises. It can effectively operate dolomite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, calcite, marble and other kinds of ores, and has a wide range of applications.
    1. Vertical roller mill has good environmental protection effect
    Nowadays, the requirement of environmental protection is more and more stringent, especially for heavy industry. Vertical roller mills with low traditional and backward technology can hardly be recognized by the market. Shuguang Heavy Machinery has made great reforms in both internal structure and energy saving and environmental protection. The internal structure is reasonable. With less dust leakage and dust removal device outside, dust can be well controlled, energy saving and environmental protection effect is good, and the environmental quality of production site is good.
    2. Vertical roller mill has good powder-forming effect
    Material between the grinding roll and the grinding ring, because of the rolling back and forth of the grinding roll to achieve a good grinding effect, the number of meshes is fine, up to 1000 meshes, the powder effect is good. Moreover, the wearable parts grinding rollers are made of materials with good wear resistance, which have long service life and can also reduce the later operation costs.
    3. In addition, the vertical roller mill has the same output and fineness, low energy consumption and resource saving; in the process of production, it adopts the main engine drive device, which can rotate smoothly and run reliably; the fineness is uniform and the pass-through screening rate is high; the equipment has simple structure, compact layout, vertical structure, small floor area, open-air operation and a large number of them,low investment costs.
    So how much does it cost to buy such a high-quality vertical roller mill? In fact, if you want to know the quotation of the equipment, it depends on your actual demand and the choice of the equipment model. After all, there are many types of vertical roller mills. The production cost is different under different models, and the quotation will be different. Welcome to contact us if you  want to know the price of vertical roller mill. 

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