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    Details in maintenance of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-19 17:20

    Vertical roller mill can integrate grinding, drying and grading. It is widely used in cement, mine, electric power, chemical industry, industrial waste residue treatment and other fields. It has remarkable advantages such as high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, easy adjustment of product fineness, low noise, low power consumption, simple process flow, low wear, long life, small occupation area, low operating cost, etc.And it's easy to do equipment maintenace work.
    As for the inspection of vertical mill roller equipment, the abnormal display link is usually detected by means of data collector and corresponding computer system. Others need routine inspection of grinding roll and inlet and outlet to avoid problems. Damage monitoring of large fans and pumps includes two locations, specifically rolling bearings and body. The inspection of rolling bearings is usually achieved by means of temperature, vibration and other inspection measures.
    If the vertical roller mill equipment quality is not good,it will be very troublesome, and there are generally two kinds of vertical roller mill equipment failure, internal and external causes.
    The internal causes of mechanical damage include the process of design and production, such as unscientific design structure, inappropriate selection of parts and raw materials, as well as the damage caused by unqualified mechanical production, parts heat treatment and incorrect mechanical storage.
    External causes of mechanical damage include mechanical placement environment, large amount of mechanics and component debugging. Such as dust, corrosion, temperature and other environmental impacts; heavy workload, uneven workload of these mechanical workload conditions; incorrect debugging of mechanical components, unqualified components of these mechanical construction status. In mechanical repair, the repairman must take different measures for different mechanical damage.

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