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    Daily Inspection of Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-18 16:47

    If the daily inspection of vertical roller mill is done well, the number of downtime can be reduced and the equipment operation rate can be improved. Vertical roller mill is a large-scale equipment, each start-up cost is relatively high. If troubleshooting under the condition of non-stop grinding can save maintenance costs and greatly improve the equipment operation rate. Therefore, it is particularly important to reduce the number of grinding stops, save maintenance costs, and find out the breakdown points of equipment as soon as possible. It also needs to do a good job of routine inspection. Daily inspection has the following precautions.
    1. Sealed Fan
    The main function of the sealed fan is to keep the grinding roll in a positive pressure state, avoid powder entering the inner of the grinding roll during production, and play a role in protecting the bearing of the grinding roll. There must be a certain amount of dust in the air. If the sealed fan blows these dust into the inside of the roller, it may damage the roller bearing, destroy the skeleton seal and cause oil leakage of the roller. This requires adding a filter to the air inlet of the fan to prevent the dust from entering.
    2. Flour separator
    The flour separator is the main control equipment for the quality of vertical roller mill products. Only the stable operation of the flour separator can better control the quality of products. In view of the working characteristics of the flour separator, the following aspects should be paid attention to in peacetime: first, to check the shaft temperature of the flour separator, because the working environment of the flour separator is between 90 and 95 degrees, it is easy to cause the bearing temperature to be too high; second, to check the wear of the rotor, if there is wear, it should be handled in time.
    3. Roller sleeve and grinding plate lining
    Vertical grinding roll sleeve is made of composite surfacing. Its service life is generally between 3000 h and 4000 H. For example, according to 24 h full-time operation calculation, it needs surfacing once in 5-6 months. Regular inspection of roll sleeve and grinding disc liner is not only to arrange surfacing cycle, but also to check whether the wear is normal, such as abnormal situation can be handled in time.
    4. Replacement of Lubricating Oil
    The use of high-quality lubricants also need to be replaced in time. Lubricants need to be replaced once in 1-2 months of the first feeding, and then every six months. The best way to change oil in the first time is to recycle the pipeline again and clean the tank. The main reason for this is that after use, the bonded iron chips on the inner wall of the pipeline will come down under the high pressure scouring, and the pipeline can be cleaned up more cleanly after a cycle.
    5. Fastening of bolts
    There are dozens of bolts in vertical roller mill. These bolts are tightened and loosened when running for 8 hours or the first feeding stop. In order to avoid bolt loosening or falling off, it is necessary to check all bolts in daily parking maintenance to avoid major accidents caused by bolt falling off. The following examples illustrate the importance of bolts on rocker arm and grinding roller.
    Loose bolts in rocker arms can cause the following problems
    1) The rocker arm spindle moves. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the bolts at one end of the rocker arm spindle are loosened and the bolts at the other end are still tightened, which makes the stress of the rocker arm spindle asymmetrical, that is, to move towards the other end.
    2) Pin-bearing sleeve deformation. The jacket is also symmetrically installed. When the other end is loose and the other end is tightened, the force on the jacket will be asymmetrical and slight deformation will occur. This phenomenon can not be felt in normal operation, only when the rocker arm is disassembled can it be found.
    3) The rocker arm seal frame falls off. When the bolts of the sealing frame wear loosely or fall off for a long time, the sealing frame may fall off. Once it falls into the inside of the vertical roller mill, it may damage the roll sleeve.

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