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    Consequences of uneven feeding of superfine Raymond mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-09 17:23

    Different types of superfine Raymond mill manufacturers give different feeding ranges. If the feeding amount exceeds the upper limit, some faults will occur in the superfine Raymond mill.
    In superfine Raymond mill, if the feeding quantity of the production line is too much, then the material accumulated in the grinding chamber may block the molecular channel inside the grinding chamber of the machine, so that the collection of mineral powder materials is blocked, thus affecting the output of the production line; in addition, if the feeding quantity is too large and exceeds the predetermined amount, then a large number of materials will be produced. Blocking material into the grinding chamber of the superfine Raymond mill will have a strong impact on the wear-resistant parts in the grinding chamber, which will aggravate the wear of the wear-resistant parts. When the feeding amount in the grinder is too large to a certain extent, excessive material may lead to violent vibration of the superfine Raymond mill, thereby increasing the failure of the machine. The occurrence rate of barrier also seriously affects the working efficiency of the mill.
    On the contrary, if the feed rate in the superfine Raymond mill is too low, the following phenomena will occur in the production line: the reduction of feed will certainly accompany the reduction of the grinding output; in addition, if the feed rate is too low, it may lead to the absence of a sufficient thickness of the material layer between the roller and the ring, which may lead to a result. It is the collision between the grinding roll and the grinding ring that aggravates the wear and tear and increases the empty consumption between the abrasives, which also raises the later maintenance cost.
    In view of the above situation, the performance of superfine Raymond mill is constantly improved, and Shuguang Heavy Machinery superfine Raymond mill can be adjusted in any range of 300-3000 mesh. In view of the requirements of production, we all have corresponding models, do not use small equipment to process incompatible output, superfine Raymond mill production, installation, maintenance experience summary, has a strong pertinence, hope that customers can conscientiously follow our recommendations to do, we provide high-quality equipment and thoughtful and perfect service. We not only provide equipment but also technology. Welcome customers to visit our factory on the spot.

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