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    Maintenance Cycle of Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-03-02 16:44

    Vertical roller mill with the vertical cylinder body,it can save more space and have the lower power consumption. Well,for a vertical roller mill, how long is the maintenance period to be reasonable? 
    1.Whether the socket and plug are loose, whether the foundation bolts are loose, the equipment vibration condition, the motor running situation, the oil pipe temperature and so on, these items need to be checked daily. If there is any abnormality, solve it in time.
    2.The lubricating device of vertical roller mill is divided into two kinds: One needs to be added the colloid grease, the other needs to be added the liquid engine oil. Two different lubrication ways need the different maintenance cycle. If the user uses the colloid grease to lubricate the vertical roller mill, he should be sure to add the lubricating oil every two months. If using the liquid engine oil, the lubricating oil should be added once in four months.
    3.The wear pattern of vertical roller mill cylinder liner plate, the replacement of elastic rubber ring, the running condition of the different size gears, oil pump and lubrication tube, these devices need to have the maintenance, cleaning or replacement each month according to their different situations.
    4.The users need to inspect the condition of feeding port, discharging port and conveying pipeline, and the running condition of feeder machine every four to six months, if having damage, replace them timely so as not to affect the normal work process.For some big parts repair, such as the main bearing of vertical roller mill, the overhaul cycle is biennial commonly.
     If the serious wear is found in the inspection or the main parts can not meet the production requirements, the users need to do the substantial replacement and maintenance work in time.
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