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    Influencing Factors on the Working State of Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-13 17:00

    Vertical roller mill will be affected by many factors in the working process, resulting in different grinding results. For operators, the main parameters that can be controlled are grinding concentration, medium filling rate, rotational speed and material-ball ratio of vertical roller mill. The grinding process of vertical roller mill is the grinding and crushing process of ore by grinding ball, so the filling rate of medium and the ratio of material to ball will directly affect the grinding effect.
    Therefore, in order to make the vertical roller mill work under the ideal condition and improve its grinding efficiency, it is better to select the appropriate material-ball ratio and filling rate of medium, which is also conducive to guiding the actual production and improving the production technical indicators.
    In addition, if there are problems with the internal parts of the vertical roller mill, the grinding effect will also be affected,the fineness of the abrasive material is poor. For example, the following situations:
    (1) The discharging grate plate is damaged or fallen off. When this happens, the product fineness increases, there are crushed or even whole grinding body in the grinding material of vertical roller mill, and there is foreign body impact sound in the grinding hoist and separator. This problem should be dealt with in time in order to prevent damage to conveying and separating equipment.
    (2) The partition plate of vertical roller mill breaks or falls off. When this problem occurs, the grinding effect of each bin becomes worse, the product fineness increases, and there are large particles, accompanied by chaotic grinding. This problem should be dealt with in time to prevent damage to the lining plate and cylinder of vertical roller mill.
    Reasonable and effective management and control of vertical roller mill is helpful to improve the working efficiency of vertical roller mill. Therefore, in its working process, we should pay attention to observation, constantly find problems and solve problems, so as to ensure the normal operation of vertical roller mill and the quality of grinding.

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